Respondent Email Notifications

While Self Email Notifications allows you to directly get a notification for new submissions, Respondent Email Notifications will send an email to the person who submit your form, itโ€™s the same thing as Auto-Responses.
Respondent email notifications are only available on Basic, Growth and Premium plan.


First of all please change the name of the input that you collect visitors email address as email
<form> ... <input type="email" name="email" /> ... </form>
The input you collect users email must named as email, otherwise this feature wonโ€™t work.

Get into your form and navigate in to your Settings
Navigate to Respondent Email Notification section, and enable the toggle:
Image without caption
After that click the pen icon on the right of the toggle and customize your template:
Image without caption
Done, now every time a customer submits a message to your form, they will get an auto response message to their email.
To use your own code as auto response template, check out Custom Email Templates